Japan Softbank Prepaid SIM

Japan Softbank Prepaid SIM is available

24 hours                     $21.50
3 days                          $28.00
5 days                          $35.00
7 days                          $41.50
9 days                          $48.00
12 days                        $56.00
15 days                        $64.00

“Each day have max 1GB at high speed, the speed will be reduced to 384kbps unlimited “

  • Network provider Softbank
  • 4G LTE/3G
  • support Hotspot
  • Nano, Micro, Normal SIM three-in-one (suitable for all mobile phones)
  • Note: The actual speed of the data service and the network provider will vary due to different factors, including the actual situation of the Internet,
    server speed, network performance, coverage, and the device’s hardware, software and other factors.

CAD $21.50$64.00

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