AirSim GLOBAL DATA Card is available
4.67 out of 5
(12 customer reviews)

~~Coverage 132+ Countries / Areas – Starter Pack

~~Stored value: USD$10.00 credit

~~Validity Period: every top up is last for 365 days

~~Network: 4G LTE / 3G

~~3-in-1 SIM card: Nano, Micro & Normal

~~No setting is required (Old verison android system or need to set APN,APN menu in the airsim app)

~~Data SIM only

~~Able to Data Sharing (Tethering/Hotspot,but no wifi egg)

**Tips** At Airsim for every time you buy an roam plan, and  select voice package, 30 minutes local call out has free, remember to download airtalk roam and log in, you can use 30 minutes free local voice call



1) You need to have an AIRSIM account in order to register and use AIRTALK. If you do not have an AIRSIM yet, please purchase one from our Website.
2) Please download Mobile App AIRTALK ROAM before departure, and accept all the APP permissions. A one-time password will be SMS to mobile number that registered to the APP. Please ensure your mobile number can receive SMS message.
3) You can purchase AIRTALK package in Mobile App AIRSIM ROAM. Upon arrival at your destination, you can make calls from Mobile App AIRTALK ROAM to Local and Home Numbers.

4) For calling Local and Home Numbers, please go to “Dialer’” page in Mobile App AIRTALK ROAM to make phone calls. Please dial the country code and area code as well in order to make the calls. For example:

Calling Japan, Tokyo Number: Press
+81 3 1234567 Call
Calling Singapore Number: Press
+65 61234567 Call
Calling Hong Kong Number: Press
+852 21234567 Call