What is AIRSIM Card?

  • AIRSIM can use roaming data in more than 80 countries. View More

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  • You do not need to pay the expensive roaming charge, or spend time on buying local SIM cards.
  • It is easy to use and top up. The AIRSIM valid for every 365 days from the day of top up.
  • Keep the AIRSIM and ICCID number after your trip and reuse the AIRSIM data card for your next trip.

  1. AIRSIM is USD 15, it contains USD 10 stored value. You can use the stored value for purchasing any data plan. If your first purchase costs more than USD 10, you have to make up the difference. If your first purchase less than, the value will remain in the AIRSIM card.
  2. From next trip, you can purchase data plans/top up on the
    Mobile App – AIRSIM ROAM.

  3. Please keep the AIRSIM and ICCID number after your trip, the AIRSIM can re-used, the expiry date will extend every 365 days from the day of top up.
  4. All purchased data plans can be used from 13 days before and 30 days from the selected effective date.e.g. : data plans purchased for your trip on 15-Nov, AIRSIM data plan will ready on between 02-Nov to 14-Dec, no worry for schedule change/delay
  5. 24 Hours / 48 Hours Data Plan is a continuous 24-hour / 48-hour session starting from service activation.
  6. Except for 24 Hours / 48 Hours Data Plans, the daily data usage time is from Toronto time (GMT-4) 12:00 to 11:59. There is no pro-rata calculation regardless of the activation time of data service.
  7. Air Sim supports the personal hotspot function.
  8. 4G service will be available only when compatible handset or device supporting 4G bandwidth is used. It is also subject to the coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the designated networks. Actual speeds may vary due to network conditions, hardware, software or other factors. The Carrier is automatically assigned by system according to the availability.

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