Pocket wifi plus

Pocket wifi plus is available

1.) Original price $150, NOW $99.
2.) Pocket Wifi plus will be shipped within Canada only.  The shipping fee will be extra
3.) After you receive “Pocket Wifi Plus”, we will be in touch by email, WhatsApp or Text message to activate your trip by day and country.
4.) We will provide the quote by email or WhatsApp message.
5.) Once we receive the payment, the data plan will be activated within 24-48 hours.

Things to be aware:
“Pocket Wifi Plus” will have a 1-year warranty from the purchased day.
“Pocket Wifi Plus” can connect to more than 120 countries
The data plan will be different for each country.   Please see the PDF file for all the details

Download Pdf  Data Order Form

CAD Now only in $99.00



Coverage countries :

Hong Kong SAR China