Your Travel Buddy

  • Canada USA 15 Days Data Sim
  • ~~~China Macau HK~~ 30 days sim
  • Europe Asia America 30 days 4G LTE/3G Unlimited data sim
  • 4GB CHC data SIM card
  • WIFI Plus
  • USA Data Sim Lyca Mobile 30 Days
  • Europe Data Sim (O2)
  • Wifi Plus USA CANADA Mexico 30 days plan full high speed unlimited data
  • Wifi Plus Upgrade
  • ~~~~ Australia ~~~~ and New Zealand 15Days Sim Card
  • Asia, US/Canada, Multi-countries
  • AT&T serve for (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • E-sen Voice HK & Canada
  • Canada CHC data SIM card


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Mia Colton