Internet service is vital to our modern life. However, the data roaming service usually costs huge. It may bring you troubles when you travel aboard. With a portable pocket Wi-Fi router in an affordable price, you can share the internet service with family and friends. A router can connect up to 5 gadgets. It is an ideal way for you to stay connected while traveling. Enjoy ultra-fast speeds powered by multiple cell sites. Travel Asia supports Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, full day 4G high speed unlimited data.

USD $6 /day

Payment is calculated based on the whole duration of your trip. It starts from your departure date, and ends on the date of you return to Canada.
The delivery time of the router will not be included in the rental period.


Unlimited 4G data (Full 4G High Speed)

Battery: 3500mah
Battery lasting Hours: 10-12 Hrs ( Connect up to 5 gadgets at once )
Size / Weight: 12.7cm x 6.57cm x 1.42cm / 151g
Maximum Download Speed: 150 Mbps
Maximum Upload Speed: 50 Mbps

This router can cover 3 countries/area:

Japan / South Korea / Taiwan

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